Paying Dues

In addition to holiday stress, Jayme the Scribbler is feeling some anxiety over her fledgling writing career. When I do get serious about making a living at this profession, I’ll no doubt experience many of the emotions Jayme describes. Not lo0king forward to those emotions, but the reality is that they are part of the price that needs to be paid.


One thought on “Paying Dues

  1. I cannot understand why anyone would even consider writing as their main source of revenue. Writing should be for the love unless you are a journalist or your first novel makes the best-seller list. Thousands if not millions of books out there and lets face it thousands of talented people writing all sorts of stuff all around the world. I once worked for a newspaper – loved it – but fiction is my passion and my love BUT…….income?? One day maybe but it surely is not why I get up each day. Even the greatest writers who have ever lived often had many failures before first success. Ones like the author of the Harry Potter series with fourteen rejections before her first acceptance had to keep a job while she followed her passion. Best of luck to all the strivers out there. Don’t stress. Hold your Gift lightly. Cheers!

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