Resting, but Planning

I empathize with Austin L. Wiggins‘ struggle to pursue his writing ambitions, even though this break I’m on (fifteen days and counting) from new fiction projects is entirely self-imposed. The devotion is always there, but not so the energy, and sometimes you just gotta give it a rest.

I’m hoping to stretch out this period of rest another week and a half. I actually feel sufficiently recovered from NaNoWriMo to get back in the groove, but there’s a long flight ahead for my family next week, and my pre-trip anxiety is not conducive to creativity. Give me a few days to get over the jet lag and appreciate the abundant sunshine and warm sand — I really am a fortunate man — by the day after Christmas, I should have an idea for my next project, as well as the enthusiasm to give it my full attention. Might even be able to finish it before heading back to my home in the Frozen North.

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