Two Voices, One Heart

I’m always pleased when find inspiration in two very different posts:

  • On the Be Inspired..!! blog, empress2inspire encourages us to remain committed to our dreams in spite of adversity. In a world filled with cynicism, where sarcasm is accepted as a poor substitute for intelligence, it’s refreshing to hear a sincere voice proclaim the power of perseverance.


  •  Meanwhile, the Karma Linguist‘s latest poem compares the search for love to a lottery; being successful at the game of love requires luck, but the effort to overcome bad fortune demonstrates the player’s worth. The interplay of monetary and emotional symbols is engaging, and the final stanza is worth quoting in full:

If I play this ticket right,
my life will
forever be
enriched standing beside you.

Having different perspectives appear in my Reader helps to broaden my own vision, and challenges me to explore new paths in my blogging journey.


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