I occassionally use the Discover feature of the WordPress Reader to find out what I’ve been missing in the blogging world. (I don’t call it the blogosphere, because that word is really stupid.)  One of today’s features is a profile of Julian Stockwin, an author of historical fiction. The post is largely a commercial for the Profile theme in WordPress, but it did lead me to the author’s WordPress site. Stockwin’s an interesting guy — after decades in the navy, he began writing, and has used his nautical and military knowledge to forge what appears to be a successful career as a writer of historical fiction novels.

Other than Michael Shaara’s outstanding The Killer Angels and the sequels written by his son Jeff, I haven’t reads much historical fiction. I do plan to experiment with the genre at some point, as I want to write about my ancestor Wing, a colorful figure who lived in Vermont during America’s Revolutionary era. He was a captain of his town’s Safety Committee, charged with defending against British raiders from Canada who never arrived. His dress sword has been passed down through the generations, and now takes up residence in the wall of my home office. I believe Wing’s history could be an interesting subject of a work that’s part biography, part history, and part fiction, and some day I’m going to get around to writing that work.


2 thoughts on “Wing

  1. Sounds interesting. Wherever there is passion the story comes. Historical fiction must be fuelled by a real passion not just about object or the history but the heart of the people I believe. thanks for blog.

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