One Can Be Greater Than More

If I’m going to take a break from fiction and focus on reblogging for a while, I really should say something more about these posts I’m sharing than, “hey, this is cool.”

Over at the Writings By Ender blog, Austin L. Wiggins laments the epidemic of sequels in movies and novels, and encourages aspiring writers to focus on self-containted stories and novels rather than inventing a formula that can be extended across multiple volumes. I agree with his assessment — the last thing the literary world needs is another high fantasy trilogy, and the constant recycling of yesteryear’s stories is discouraging writers from exploring their creativity  — and have no plans to serialize any of the fiction I’ve been developing in this blog. Gray Metal Faces, being a novel about high school students, could easily be extended into sequels based on school years, but I’m going to conclude that work by eliminating any possibility of a follow-up story. (Don’t worry, nobody dies.) And while I could further explore The Land Without Mosquitos by introducing other visitors from Jane Summers’ alternate reality, I have no interest in doing so.

Let me finish a few works, get them published, and God help me actually make a couple bucks off my craft — then I can think about a multi-volume work. But that days a long ways off, and I’ve got plenty of work planned to keep me busy until I get there.


4 thoughts on “One Can Be Greater Than More

  1. Be careful with this. Many readers prefer series because they don’t want to see their beloved characters go away. Not every tale is meant to go on, but not every tale is meant to end either. You should do what feels right for you and your stories.

  2. Because I didn’t think I had enough time to express the fullness of the historical story I had in my mind, heart and creativity. I did go ahead with the first story. (not long in fact more a novelette) this is (I never even thought about a sequel then ‘miracle of miracles’ the Mayor in my City read the book and asked me if I thought I could ‘bring the story’……accurate historical Fiction – into 2015. (no I couldn’t! too old…not enough time) YET…..little by little I have been writing. Next year is the 150 anniversary of this city. Can I finish? THE LEGACY OF LIMGA only a little at a time?.
    I encourage all writers not to wait years until perhaps an example of what you can write is ‘out there’. Think of even asking for professional opinion .Even saving and paying to be SEEN in print. But don’t all aim for the Big BLOCKBUSTER but perhaps leave behind a legacy of the storyteller……Cheers!

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