NaNoWri One Mo Time

Last month, I announced that I would participate in this year’s National Novel Writing Month event, which begins every November 1. Three days ago, in other words — without any NaNoWriMo posts on this blog. What gives?

Well, there was that story I began several weeks ago. As Halloween approached, I knew I was close to finishing that tale, but knew the end wasn’t going to come prior to November 1. I had been receiving enthusiastic responses, and I was enjoying the work — I didn’t want to stop, or keep my readers in suspense, so I pressed on a few more days until I’d reached the end.

And while doing that, I also drafted the first several entries of my Chapter 6 revision. As of this evening, I’m up to five, all in draft mode, and waiting for me to finish them. Tomorrow.

Yup, I’m going to do a lot of writing this Saturday.

Like last November, this coming month is going to feature a lot of lengthy posts. The goal of NaNoWriMo is fifty thousand words — over 30 days, that’s close to 1700 words per day. And if I follow through on my plan and get all of my drafts updated and posted tomorrow, that will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 8000 words. In. One. Day.

That’s a lot to write, and read. If you don’t have a half-hour or so a day to keep up with my revision to chapters 6 and 7, feel free to check out and come back in December. (I’ll be too busy to notice.) And if you decide to stick around, I hope you enjoy the ride.

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