Fresh Approach

It’s nine thirty the following morning. I’ve answered a few messages, and now I’m walking towards Murph’s office. He’s there (not surprising, since I’d checked his calendar before leaving my desk), alone, reading a document, his phone in its cradle.

I’m about to walk into his office, when I pause a moment, and focus on his left hand, lying on top of the desk. He’s wearing a gold band, on the ring finger. But so do actors. I walk into his office like it’s my apartment.

“Heya.” Murph looks up, his eyes registering momentary surprise. I point with my thumb behind my right shoulder — “You still play basketball on Thursday?”

Surprise returns to his face. “Most weeks, yeah. If I don’t have anything else going on.”

This might be easier than I expected. “Steph got plans for you this week?”

He leans back in his chair, lacing his fingers into a headrest. “Didn’t know you played.”

Not so easy after all. “Been a while, but now that I’m full-time, figure I need to start playing with the big boys.”

Murph moves his hands to the chair’s armrests. “Tomorrow, at 7. See you then.”

I leave his office feeling victorious in the effort to take my investigation right to the source. Searching for clues on the Internet had become frustrating, and I needed a fresh approach. Meeting Murph outside the office, away from work — there should be more opportunities to catch him off guard, get him to expose a revealing detail of his personal life. Whatever mysteries Murph is hiding, will soon be uncovered.


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