As I exit the elevator onto 37 the next morning, I see Murph walking by. I call to him, and he turns his face towards me while still walking away; he winks, and I raise my Starbucks in salute. That’s when I remember that awkward moment with Lenora yesterday, and all of a sudden I’m hustling over to my cube, like a student late for class.

Fortunately my schedule’s open the next couple of hours, and a quick inspection of my inbox reveals no message demanding immediate attention. I open my browser, get on the company portal and use a feature I haven’t used in my sixteen months as a contract employee. People Search — I enter Tom Murphy, and press Go. His face appears immediately on the screen’s left, with the casual confident smile I’ve seen so many times across the chess board. To the right is the Profile; Tomas Murphy appears at the top, and immediately underneath there’s information in the Tomas’ Job section —  Position, Department, Manager’s Name, and Contact Information. The lower section of the Profile is labeled Personal, with fields for Home City, Home and Mobile phone numbers, Hobbies — and Family.

Every field in the Personal section is blank. I remember filling out the form yesterday in Lenora’s office; all personal information was optional.

“Hey.” Nearly jump out of my chair at Angelina’s call. “Oh — sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.”

I shake my head, force a smile. “No, no problem.”

She points past me, at the screen. “Checking out Murph?”


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