I follow him all the way to the elevator; Murph’s heading back up to 37, I need to check in with HR, sign some form. Didn’t know moving from contract to full-time would require so much paperwork. Middle bay on the left is open as we walk up, alone. Murph steps in, then turns and speaks to me across the metal canal.

“Darci’s got a good head on her shoulders.” She had come downtown for an interview last week, and met us for drinks after work. “She wouldn’t be going down to see her folks, if there weren’t a good reason.”

I nod, as Murph reaches over and presses a button. “Say — ” I wait for Murph to look back up at me — “when am I gonna meet Stephanie?”

The right corner of his mouth curls up in a smirk, as Murph hmmphs. “Steph doesn’t like coming downtown,” he says as the metal doors close between us.


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