Surviving the Debate

Doing something different today — making notes on tonight’s Presidential debate. This isn’t a live stream, but I’ll keep my editing after the fact to a minimum.

9:07 – Clinton begins with her laundry list of economic proposals; comprehensive and uninspiring. Trump accuses China and Mexico of stealing American jobs

9:16 – Clinton claims Trump took advantage of the housing crisis; Trump interrupts, says “that’s just business.” There’s your sound clip.

9:21 – Trump calls out Clinton’s change of mind on the Trans Pacific trade act; her attempts to explain it away aren’t going to work

9:25 – feeling really sorry for Lester Holt

9:29 – Clinton’s sticking to her guns on tax increases

9:31 – Holt asks Trump on releasing his tax returns; Trump attempts to make a deal for Clinton’s 33 thousand emails. Clinton speculates about what he’s hiding.

9:39 – Clinton talks about the people Trump has refused to pay; he responds by suggesting he’ll file a negative review of their work on Angie’s List.

9:44 – the debate shifts to race. Clinton talks about criminal justice reform and gun control; Trump talks about restoring law and order, and implementing stop-and-frisk in Chicago. Holt reminds Trump that stop and frisk was found unconstitutional; Trump says the judge was wrong.

9:53 – Clinton: “Implicit bias is a problem for all of us, not just the police.” That might be the closest we get to a profound statement this evening.

9:55 – Trump reminds Clinton that her husband’s administration coined the term “superpredator;” so now he’s the guy holding the Clintons accountable?

9:58 – Clinton gets applause for saying she’s been preparing to be President; Trump does the eye roll

9:59 – here we go! Holt asks about Trump’s birther views, and he tries to blame it on Clinton. She doesn’t respond to his charges, then hits him for the lawsuits he was hit with for discriminatory housing. His response — “its just one of those things.”

10:06 – cybersecurity. Clinton claims Russia broke into the Democratic National Committee’s network, and hints at Trump’s close relationship with Putin. Trump blames a 400-pound hacker.

10:13 – how to prevent home-grown terrorist attacks; Trump blames it on not taking Iraq’s oil. Clinton says we need to cooperate with Muslims here and abroad

10:19 – Holt says Trump supported invaded Iraq in 2002; Trump says he didn’t. Holt says the record shows differently.

10:22 – Trump says his temperament is better than Clinton’s. And when Clinton suggests he would start a war if our troops were taunted, he agreed.

10:32 – Trump restates a Holt question with a sexist attack on Clinton’s stamina

10:38 – Clinton says she’ll support the outcome of the election; Trump eventually agrees, only after suggesting illegal immigrants will cast illegal votes for Clinton.

10:40 – thankfully, it’s over. Both candidates basically repeated their talking points, but Trump made more mistakes (“that’s business”) than did Clinton.

5 thoughts on “Surviving the Debate

  1. What a clear run-down on the debate. Over here different folk are arguing over who won. Personally I don’t think it matters in the end. Three more debates I believe? Thanks for trying to condense into what can be understandable.

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