If Trump is Your Answer, You’re Asking the Wrong Question

One of several monuments to Trump’s ego. Yes, it went bankrupt.

Unlike my contribution from yesterday, I had planned to play this one straight — and then, that second glass of wine arrived. But come to think of it, my current state seems somehow appropriate, given my subject matter.

The following lists my justifications for refusing to give any serious consideration for voting for Trump this November:

  • Each of his ideas has all the sophistication of a maniacal plan devised by a comic book villain. Where the hell do I start? Incarcerating women who have an abortion? Registering Muslims? Pulling out of NATO? Establishing unconstitutional police tactics as a national policy? Starting economically disastrous trade wars? Let’s go with what seems to be his personal favorite, as he keeps coming back to — that 2000-mile-long wall he wants to build along the southern US border. Would it stop all those nasty people he says the Mexican government is sending our way? Of course not — almost half of undocumented workers in the USA are here because they are overstaying the expiration of legal work visas, and does nothing to prevent employers from searching for cheap, exploitable labor. Much like Doctor Doom, Trump consistently fails to think through the potential complications with his grandiose plans. Attention focused solely on the end result (it’s gonna be great), he leaves the niggling details to his befuddled underlings, then blames them when it all falls apart. You’re fired!
  • He admires tyrants. Vladamir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Abdel-Fattah al-SissiMussoliniSaddam Hussein, for chrissakes — Trump has praised far too many dictators, too many times, for these to be brushed aside as mistakes in casual conversation. Of course, our current President has also been chummy with dictators, as have past leaders of our country — but none have expressed the level of respect that Trump has consistently expressed, and this admiration suggests his governing style could be similarly autocratic.
  • Success in business does not guarantee success in politics. Even if we accept the notion that Trunp has been a successful businessman (which is highly debatable — how many of his ventures have gone bankrupt?), it is utter folly to assume that success will translate into politics. A business owner can fire his managers, but a President can’t fire Congress or the Supreme Court. Well actually, he could fire them. But only if he declared emergency powers, invoked martial law. In other words, if he decided to become a dictator. But of course, dictatorship has absolutely no appeal for him …

All this, and I didn’t say a word about the flaws in his personal character (you know, his misogyny, temper, vindictiveness, etc.). That’s because I think all of that pales in comparison to the damage his ideas and executive style would inflict on our country. We have a lot of problems, to be sure; a President Trump would only make them worse.

2 thoughts on “If Trump is Your Answer, You’re Asking the Wrong Question

  1. Grateful for your expression and articulation on this voting issue. All of us (even down here) await with interest which way the wind will blow in this election. (What can I add? What unique??? choices.!!)

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