Am I Really Going to Do This?

Yes I am, no matter how much it pains me. As part of my analysis of the 2016 Presidential election in the United States, I will, to the best of my abilities, present a reasoned, articulate argument for voting for the Republican candidate and complete freaking maniac, Donald Trump. As I wrote yesterday, exploring the other side of an argument (even when that side is false and dangerous) is a good way to strengthen your own position. And the only way to do this effectively, is with conviction (nobody said having principles would always be easy).

Somebody please stop me before I keep typing. All right then! Here is my list of reasons for thinking that Trump might actually be a good choice for President:

  • He’s an outsider. Trump has never held a political office (there’s a reason for that), and his relationship with the Washington establishment is shaky at best. Comfort and complacency in the capital has led to an almost continual state of gridlock; his presence in the White House could be a welcome disruption, assuming he doesn’t wreck the place.
  • He is distrusted by both major political parties. Democrats loathe his policy positions, and Republicans fear he is ruining their party’s plan to appeal to a more diverse, younger electorate. Partisan bickering is a major contributor to legislative inaction; the parties might be able to find room for unity in opposition to Trump’s combativeness, an instinct he can’t seem to avoid. Oh God I can’t DO THIS anymore!
  • He doesn’t care what people think. It’s possible that Trump could propose a law, treaty, or military action that makes sense  (you’ll know if it happens, because it will occur just after a full orchestra of flying monkeys emerges from his posterior and performs Mozart). And for political reasons, one or both parties may object to that idea. Never one to worry about the consquences of his actions, Trump would bully, cajole, and literally force his idea (up to and most likely including the dismantling of most Constitutional protections against executive overreach) past any opposition.

There. I can breathe now. Might need to take a shower. Looking forward to tomorrow, when I can start walking back some of what I’ve forced myself to have written today.

4 thoughts on “Am I Really Going to Do This?

  1. Um! This is going to be hard for you but perhaps refreshing for someone like me from a distance. Here we have to vote. (compulsory)..There you have to choose to vote.. Interesting to hear how you view your choices. What we glean from over here not very impressive choices. Hope you can continue and then take the shower and get on with your day. Cheers!

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