Third Party Musings

Reaching outside WordPress today to reblog On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…, a well-written work of dark satire about this year’s presidential election in the USA, and the potential consequences of casting a vote for someone other than one of the two major political party candidates.

Every four years, I’m tempted to go third-party, as a protest against the limitations offered by the Democratic and Republican parties. And sometimes I do go that route, especially in years where the race in my state is not close. I don’t regret any of those past decisions.

But this year is different, as one of the two major candidates is an existential threat to my country (he’s as harmless as any other amoral bully so long as he stays in the business or entertainment worlds, but give this guy political power… oh boy). There will be no protest vote from me this year, and as we approach that fateful day in November I’m going to use this blog occasionally to articulate my decision.

I know many of you aren’t into politics; I’ll try not to get overly wonky, and will attempt to be as creative as the writer of today’s reblog. (There will be Star Trek references.) Only 49 more days, my friends… This too shall pass.


One thought on “Third Party Musings

  1. This is going to be an interesting journey with your blog until November. After the results in our last election I have come to the conclusion every nation in 2016 is going to get the leaders they deserve by their lack of standing up for what their countries were founded upon. America has a core heart-beat. How far has it fallen from that high ideal the founding fathers lived for? Be interesting to read what you write and how you feel. Cheers!

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