Tired Walls

Sure, I can build you a wall, strong enough to protect you,
and no, you wouldn’t need to help me.
Already got everything we need — material, tools, even the expertise.

You see, I’ve done this before,
built walls for family, friends, teachers, schoolmates, bosses, coworkers,
even some side jobs for people I’ve only met once,
on the bus or in a store or at the movies.

Pretty good at it, if I must say so myself!
My walls are solid, inpenetrable — just ask any of my clients,
though I gotta warn ya, they probably ain’t gonna remember me,
secure as they are within that wall I built for them.

But I must warn you — this one might take longer than usual.
You see, after building so many walls the exertion has left me tired,
physically as well as mentally.
And I’ve also noticed that my walls have grown stonger over the years,
but have become less pleasing to the eye.
Functional, but unappealing — those are my walls these days.

Actually been thinking it’s time to dismantle some of those walls.
They’ve begun to wear, and as I’ve been patching and mending
I’ve had to stop myself at times from grabbing my sledgehammer
and beating time at its work.

But you’re not interested in my petty pyrrhic victories.
You want me to build a wall.
Just let me know when you want me to start.


One thought on “Tired Walls

  1. May the walls you build around your life and the lives of those you love or have connection be strong. This is the biggest problem in our world today. The lack of a solid LOVE structure surrounding the people. (find your own way…….do your own thing. ..whatever makes you happy.) If you had a beautiful stallion would you not ‘contain’ it so it did not race into traffic or danger? Loving walls must be powerfully strong yet be flexible as well. I like the poem. Deep, deep, thinking. Cheers!

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