Taking A Break from Silly Season

It’s after Labor Day in a presidential election year here in the US, which means we’re heading into Silly Season. You know, that time of year when every crackpot with a Wikipedia-level understanding of politics attempts to save the world via FaceBook.

Read this now! This story proves the campaign is OVER!

If you don’t know this, you’re not paying attention!

If you don’t vote for ______, we’re doomed!

It’s a time when invective replaces dialogue, emotion erases reason, demagoguery defaces democracy.

So it’s always refreshing during Silly Season to find a political argument that’s built upon principles. David F. Watson is a Christian blogger who comments regularly on political and cultural issues; I don’t often agree with his conclusions, but by grounding his arguments on principles (usually scriptural in nature), I find his writing engaging. His latest post, a response to The Fraud‘s absurd “plan” to build a wall along the Mexican border, leaves the reader with questions to ponder rather than a comfortable easy answer. Should you happen to read his post, be sure to check the comments as well; some half-witted troll (who no doubt has a FaceBook account, probably under an assumed name since his original account was probably banned) attempted to cause trouble, and David’s response is a beautiful takedown. His soul is perhaps too generous to take satisfaction in his victory, but perhaps he’ll allow us to be happy for him.


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