Catching up with the Limping Gods

Sharing again my appreciation for Cheryl Moore’s Unbound Boxes Limping Gods, an episodic science fiction saga where the focus is on the characters and narrative continuity, with the science and politics of this future Earth playing a crucial yet secondary role. The latest issue switches the first-person narration to a different character from the previous issue, and in just a couple hundred words the following information is conveyed:

  • The narrator, Alexand, is a fierce fighter who may have too much confidence in her abilities
  • She has just regained a device, called a writer, that allows her to teleport and/or communicate across great distances
  • Despite her anger and stubbornness, Alexand has great affection for her lover, Katherine
  • Alexand suffers from a disease that has a cure which is difficult to obtain
  • Katherine works in a laboratory, but can’t help with Alexand’s disease
  • Now that Alexand has her writer, she’s eager to see Katherine again but nervous over how she’ll be received
  • Alexand’s about to discover something about Katherine that she probably isn’t going to like

All this information is conveyed as the narrative shifts from a battlefront argument to an intimate encounter at a laboratory halfway across the world; it’s difficult to provide this amount of background detail while advancing a narrative at the same time, but the writing is more than up to the task. It’s an enjoyable series, each episode packed with enough information to get readers caught up if they’ve missed the past few episodes, and its unique narrative structure is fascinating to study.

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