A Private Conversation

[On Eclectic Voices, Jeff Folschinsky just posted some small meaningful answers to big meaningless questions, inspiring me to reflect on the value of internal monologues]

They say it’s OK to talk to people who aren’t there —
so long as they don’t talk back to you.
Because only crazy people hear imaginary voices.

But what if you’re talking to yourself?
Are you there?
Isn’t that you just me, with a different name?
An artifical you (no, me) you I create
in order to conduct a pretend conversation?

So when I talk to myself, and hear a response —
who’s speaking?
Can’t be me, because like I just said, that me is something I created,
and I can’t create myself.

So it must be you —
whoever you are.
And I’d tell you to keep your voice down, leave me alone,
but I’m afraid I’d get lonely,
and after a while, might begin to enjoy my quiet solitude.

And that would be crazy.


One thought on “A Private Conversation

  1. Interesting. When is crazy not crazy. Only the truly crazy think they are sane. I do talk with and to myself (kinda keeping a focus on stuff)… BUT I have also ‘heard’ a voice from outside myself which saved me from danger that I did not know existed. Now that is a kind of crazy I accept naturally. Cheers! Well expressed poem clever crafting.

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