[Been a while since I’ve responded to a Daily Post prompt.]

February — the third Tuesday

Coach Dan stroked his short black beard. “So, what’d he say?”

“As little as possible.” Annie reached behind her head, pulled her brown pony-tail up as Butch, standing behind her, zipped and fastened her white fencing jacket. “No committment, not a yes or no. Just, maybe.” Feeling her teammate finish his work, she let the brown mane fall down her back.

“Rune said the same thing to me, yesterday.” Butch walked from behind Annie, faced their coach. “I was like, you coming to practice tomorrow — ” concern slapped onto his round face — “I mean, today, not tomorrow, because I was speaking to him yesterday — ”

“And he said maybe to you as well?”

“Oh!” The rotund teen stared up at the ceiling a moment. “Don’t remember exactly what he said — maybe it was maybe — ”

Annie laid a hand on his shoulder. “But, he didn’t say yes, or no, did he?”

Butch stared back at his team captain. Blinked. “I don’t remember.”

Coach Dan pointed past Butch’s left shoulder, towards the center of the cafeteria floor. “Looks like Micky’s ready for you.” As if late for an appointment, Butch turned and hustled to the area of white tile where the senior stood waiting.

“I don’t get what’s going on with him.” Annie had resumed the tone she had used when discussing Rune. “Ask how he’s feeling, and he’s like, I dunno,” her voice dropping a mocking octave. “If he’s competing at the Academy tournament Saturday — maybe. How’s the family — fine, I guess.” Shaking her head, the sophomore reached down into the sack containing the team’s masks.

[To be continued]

One thought on “Maybe

  1. I was interested in the Daily Post prompt on the word maybe. Would like to have submitted. maybe if would have enjoyed the experiences and maybe I wouldn’t. Cheers!

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