Gray Metal Faces – January 8

“Sandy.” The Bird darted her eyes up, relieved to break the gaze held on her by this man, Teddy Jasper, who called himself her mother’s business associate. She hadn’t recognized the voice, but when she looked out to the aisle and saw the man whose short gray hair was a perfect complement to his salt-and-pepper beard, she instantly knew who it was.

She rose from her chair, eagerly called Mr. Nestor’s name. Ed Nestor responded by shuffling into the row behind where The Bird and Teddy Jasper had been sitting, then enveloping the teenaged girl in a warm embrace. As always, he was wearing the brown tweed sports jacket whose fabric she found so comforting against her skin.

Mr. Nestor broke their embrace, shuffled back, then nodded down at Teddy Jasper. “Ted.”


Mr. Nestor put his right arm across the back of The Bird’s shoulders. “Sandy, you must come out to the lobby with me. Your teammates have arrived!”


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