Upta Camp

As comedian Bob Marley would say, I’m heading upta camp once more — Camp NaNoWriMo, to be exact. Starting tomorrow, I will be revising Chapter 5 of “Gray Metal Faces,” the first draft of which weighed in at over forty-seven thousand words; a number representing such an overwhelming fact simply deserves to be spelled out. Since my NaNoWriMo experience last November revealed that 20 – 25K words should be my goal for each chapter, that means I need to cut the current draft of the fifth chapter in half by the end of July. No, not an easy task at all; eliminating many of those indulgent “Hamlet” references will certainly help.

Once again, expect longer posts from me until camp is over (I’ll need a daily average of over 600 words to hit my goal). I’ve got my rough outline ready; starting tomorrow, I’ll start another journey into familiar territory with the hope of finding something I haven’t seen yet.

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