Voices in the Dream

Interesting article in Foregin Policy today about Millennial attitudes towards capitalism. I really don’t think today’s youth believe any less in the American Dream than past generations, but rather that they refuse to play along with a game that’s rigged to their disadvantage. As the Foreign Policy article documents, the economy has reached a point where it’s simply impossible for a young worker with massive student loan debt to get ahead; entry-level wages have been stagnant for decades, and there just aren’t enough good-paying jobs to go around.

This year, both Bernie Sanders and, in his own disingenuous manner, The Fraud have finally given a political voice to this disenchantment, but I’m skeptical whether either of the major political parties in America will pursue policies that level the playing field for young workers; both Democrats and Republicans are too committed to maintaining the status quo to become the required change agent. Top-down change isn’t going to happen; by refusing to play a crooked game they can’t win, Millennials will force the rule changes that have been far too long in coming.

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