Awesome and Whoaful

Today’s solitary word prompt from The Daily Post — Awe

“I couldn’t believe it!” In the back seat of Coach Dan’s sedan, Butch rolled his body forward, his chin coming to rest on the top of the passenger seat. “He was so FAST!”

Annie lifted her left index finger, which hung in front of Butch’s face as she continued looking out at the road in front of them. “Anatol’s faster, really. Believe me, I’ve fenced both Anatol and Francis — nobody can beat Anatol’s speed.”

“Economy of motion.” Coach Dan tilted his bearded head back. “Notice how Francis just stands there, most of time? Never moves, until he has to. Makes him seem faster, than he actually is.”

“Oh!” Butch sat back in his seat, his face contorted in thought. Annie twisted, straining against the shoulder strap of her seat belt as she looked back at her teammate — “Distance, and tempo. Really, that’s Francis’ game, not speed.”

Coach Dan looked up at Butch’s reflection in the rearview mirror, as Annie twisted back into the passenger seat. “Awesome, isn’t it?”

“Oh!” Butch nodded, then — “No, wait,” shaking his head, “not awesome, more like, whoaful.”

Woeful?” Annie couldn’t suppress the annoyance in her voice.

“No, whoaful. Because when Francis was fencing, I was going, like, whoa a lot. If I’d said awww a lot, that’s what would’ve made it awesome.”

Annie blinked, her face dissolving into a scowl — “That’s not — ”

Coach Dan laid a gentle hand on her forearm, as he glanced up at the rearview mirror again. “My friend — how about we just say we all could learn something from watching Francis today.”

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