Anxiety in the UK

Interesting post from Jack Binding  (whose language can be, shall we say, colorful at times — you’ve been warned) about tomorrow’s United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, or as it’s commonly called, the Brexit Ballot. Like most Americans, I’ve let myself become far too distracted by events both important and trivial to give much attention to this issue; at the end of the day, we’re a very parochial people. From what little I’ve read, the Brexit coalition has a distinctive nativist streak, so it comes as no surprise that The Fraud supports Britain leaving the EU; the Bremain argument, meanwhile, has relied on nuance and long-term vision, always a danger path in the what have you done for me lately world of politics.

My vote doesn’t count, but I’d hate to see Britain leave the EU; the shock to global markets would be intense, and isolationism is no longer a viable option for any nation. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail in the UK tomorrow, and that sentiment makes its way across the Atlantic this November.


One thought on “Anxiety in the UK

  1. Cool heads and right and steady hearts are indeed needed across the Atlantic in elections and referendums everywhere of considerable importance. Have not heard result of UK referendum but do know this……whereas no nation can afford in 2016 to be isolationist. Each nation needs to be very pro-active and KNOW why they need to PROTECT their borders. There is enough internal problem without having millions of non-screened people flooding into your country. Europe has allowed this whole migration issue to get a bit ‘out of hand’. I don’t think however that Trump has the answer. We should not build walls but honestly we do need WISDOM to discern the why’s and reasons for so much of this movement of people. In Oz now (finally) we will once again legislate for Legality and humanity to be melded. Boatloads of people like hundreds crossing the Mexican borders must not be allowed to take the place of genuine and processed refugees.
    Sorry….I should not have commented re this but we too are in the middle of a great election shim-sham. Cheers!

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