Making the Commitment

Finished the vignette on Butch and his family yesterday. Feel like I’ve finally made a breakthrough with these characters, have a plan at last for what I want to accomplish with them. This of course means that Chapter 2 requires at least one more round of revision . . . so it goes.

Interesting and timely observation from Tiegan Dakin about status updates for works in progress. Tiegan’s not a fan of these posts, as she feels they make a promise to readers that may not be delivered. While I agree that it’s far more important to write than it is to write about what you’re writing, I believe that writers gain far more by making a commitment than they risk by potentially disappointing their readers.

Over the years, I’ve done far more writing than metawriting on this blog, but I’ve also found that the occasional post where I write about my writing helps organize my thoughts, in addition to making that crucial commitment to my readers (both of them — sorry, couldn’t stop myself). Tiegan’s correct in that these posts do introduce some risk, but I feel the potential rewards of the timely, occasional status update justify that risk.


2 thoughts on “Making the Commitment

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    But I do think that every writer is different, and if sharing updates works for you, go for it 🙂

  2. I can understand how the updates are helpful for you. I appreciate the brief insight into your creativity and endeavours. Helpful to me as well. Thanks

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