The Right Thing, Naturally

Diana Stout‘s IWSG contribution for June provides general information about writing conferences, retreats, and write-ins. I was all set to comment on her post, when my eye caught a link she’d posted from Yoast about blogpost length. To summarize, the ideal post length is 300 to 1000 words — shorter posts are less likely to be picked up by search engines, while lengthier works run the risk of losing reader interest.

Fortunately, 300 to 500 words each day is right in my comfort level, except when re-blogging, where I’ve found it most effective (in terms of comments and likes) to provide just a short commentary of under 100 words. Content rather than SEO is my primary concern at the moment, so Yoast’s advice about strategic keyword placement doesn’t do much for me (at least for now — I could very well revisit this concept at a later date). But any time I discover that doing what comes naturally is also the right thing to do, I can’t help feeling a little satisfied.


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