Remembering Sand Creek

Over at Ninefold Evolution, Stephen Mapstone offers a Memorial Day tribute that is not draped in red white and blue. Four stanzas of four-line iambic pentameter, in an abab rhyme scheme — not many poets choose to compose in such a strict format, but Stephen pulls it off well.

As important it is for us to recognize the sacrifice of those who’ve sworn to protect our freedom, it’s also important for us to never forget the horrors committed ostensibly on behalf of that same principle. Remembering the Sand Creek Massacre isn’t about hating your country — it’s an act of cultural honesty.


One thought on “Remembering Sand Creek

  1. So true! Here in Oz we even have a Murdering Creek. Research in history appals at what actually occurred in that place. The wars against 1st nation people who fought to protect ‘their freedom and homeland’ must be remembered as well. Cheers!

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