Some Useful Information

Now that I’ve completed a draft of Chapter 7, thought I’d post some links on previous chapters for my work-in-progress novel, Gray Metal Faces. [Updated 1:03 EDT with Chapter 7 summary]

Each chapter portrays the events in a month of the fencing season, from pre-season organization and planning in September through the state tournament in April, and is told from the perspective of a central character. One or more additional chapters, as well as scenes within the main chapters, may be set several years after the events of the novel.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter One – September

Chapter Two – October

Chapter Three – November

Chapter Four – December

Chapter Five – January

Chapter Six – February

Chapter Seven – March

Character Sketches

Coach Dan






The Bird

Other Bark Bay Fencers

Coaches and Fencers from Other Schools


Bark Bay

Area around Bark Bay


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