The Defeatist

Just downloaded a free Kindle book from Sophie Bowns, “The Defeatist.” The novel begins with a brief prelude that I didn’t find compelling, but the first chapter is complex and taught, and has me hooked. I’ll follow with a more detailed review once I’m finished.


3 thoughts on “The Defeatist

  1. Hello- thank you so much! I will look forward to reading your review once you’ve read it. Are you on Twitter? Mine is @SE_BownsFiction 🙂

  2. I also will not consider twitter. enough handling what I desire to handle and connect with now.
    Would appreciate your review when you finish The Defeatist . I have not read it…would value your opinion. I am reading Fear….. Finding it confronting but keep hoping for redemption. Maybe the defeatist will also have ‘redemption’ and not be one of those thousands of hopeless and helpless novels around at this time. Surely will be interested. (The world is so full of horror and hopelessness it astonishes me how many people want to look at and read what is actually there for them to see in real life) Surely our entertainment should be ‘different’. Every brain cooked by hopelessness and violence etc in its turn goes out and cooks the brain of someone else. (Just a thought!). Cheers!

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