Taking up advice from Ana Spoke, Author, I’ve decided to join Kboards, “a community forum for Kindle Users and Authors.” While I’m not necessarily planning on publishing to Kindle, epublishing in general is definitely an option I’m considering as I become more ambitious in promoting my writing. Creating my Kboards account today was a small step, but perhaps the first in a very long journey.  


One thought on “KBoards

  1. Ok. Sounds good. Personally I do not read via e-book usually but if you do have a kindle and it is not expensive to down load you can go to Amazon and check our my e-books. Beyond the Ashes, Marranga-Limga and Our God Lives. One man who connected with me commented I thought your book may be just for women but he got a surprise……identified with the father in Ashes.and the stories of ‘ordinary people’. Just a thought. I think having e-books is a great idea for your own writing…not as expensive for folks to check out your writing. I have a e-book link on computer so if ever you go that way please let me know. Cheers!

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