The Peril of Ambition

Another insightful vignette from Depression Comix, and while it focuses on social media threats to female self-identity, I can certainly relate to the anxieties it identifies. I’m making a concerted effort this year to expand the horizons of my writing beyond this blog, appeal to a larger audience — a couple-few hundred followers is neat, but I’m curious to discover how far my writing can go. This marks a significant change, as until lately I’ve focused almost exclusively on producing the highest quality writing I could muster, with little to no concern about the number of Likes my work was garnering. Don’t have any regrets about my past approach; just feel it’s time to experiment with a different approach.

My new ambition comes with a fair amount of anxiety, not only about how my writing will be received but also how I’ll respond to that reception. Will numbers (Likes, followers) become a distraction? How will I react if those numbers suddenly drop? When faced with negative or sarcastic criticism, will I see it as a defeat or opportunity? This anxiety is similar to the apprehension expressed in today’s strip from Depression Comix, and I’ll certainly experience this feeling as my writing goals become more ambitious.

I really have no idea what effect ambition will have on my writing. But the uncertainty I feel is far outweighed by my curiosity.

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