Red Pill Blues

Over at the Karma Linguist blog, Nicholas Gagnier just posted an intriguing poem that explores the uneasy relationship between love and sanity. It includes a reference to The Matrix, a tremendous film that in my opinion has suffered through two dismal sequels (fell asleep during the second film, decided not even to bother with the third). Rumors circulated a few years back that the series may be rebooted, but fortunately the energy in that wave seems to have expired. More is not always better; the pill might look just as red, but it doesn’t take you to the same place any longer. 


One thought on “Red Pill Blues

  1. Because of the younger generation I felt I had to know something about Matrix. I agree with you comments. More is usually never better. Its the same with writing. Except in rare occasions if you have a great idea and write a story. We need to be very care we don’t ‘do it to death’ usually just for the money. ? my opinion on the Matrix bandwagon.

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