Smart car 10 AUTOpsy

Fiction about cars fascinates me. When drafting my novel, many of the scenes I’ve enjoyed most have taken place within automobiles; some dynamic exists in those moments (the occupants can’t avoid each other, there’s a shared destination, a finite amout of time to kill, and limited options for distraction) that make them ripe for meaningful conversations. I’ve also used car ownership within the novel to reveal character — Coach Dan’s sedan (beat up and durable), Double-J’s coupe (flashy and loud), Jimmy’s van (creaky and utilitarian), the Hutchinson’s Cadillac (large and stately). Occurs to me that somebody needs a pick-up; maybe Butch’s family.
Thoughts such as these make me curious about other uses for cars in fiction, and that curiosity is in part what leads me today to Doug Hawley’s recent story on Nugget Tales. This isn’t a conversation within a car, but a conversation with a car, and an engaging parody of artificial intelligence and the “smart car” concept. I seriously doubt there will be communicative cars in my novel, but it’s an idea I may pursue in a short work such as this. 


One thought on “Smart car 10 AUTOpsy

  1. Interesting to note your research on cars. Met a man last Saturday on a day out mystery history trip David and I took. Peter spoke with me about fiction writing and his passion to research early transport and the history beginning with horses, wagons etc and then on to modern transport in every area and style. He made me laugh as he wanted to give them ‘personalities’ as each change evolves. Who knows where your idea might go as well. Writing is so energising. At present I’m researching Bombay maternity facilities in 1869 I have an ‘unexpected’ baby being born such is where I’m going with writing at present time. Sometimes I’m a little anxious I will never write this sequel to Marranga-Limga it has the potential to be too vast. You put your heart and soul in your writing Keep on Keeping On! Cheers!

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