Why The Status-Quo Of American Politics Has Come Under Siege

Joseph E. Rathjen at the The Political and Social Chaos Blog analyzes the surprising rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump The Fraud (hey, this is my blog and if I feels like indulging in juvenile invective, thats what I’s be doin’). A year ago, the idea that an avowed socialist would remain a viable candidate this late into a major political party’s nominating season, or that a misogynistic charlatan could win the other party’s nomination while proclaiming openly fascistic policies, would have been dismissed as preposterous. And yet, here we are.

I’m very curious to see how the parties respond to this year’s campaigns. If conventional wisdom finally holds true in this topsy-turvy year and Trump is soundly defeated this fall while the Senate flips to Democratic control, perhaps the Republican party will finally recognize it is facing an existential crisis at the national political level, having just lost the popular vote for the sixth time in the last seven presidential election. As for the Democrats, a resounding win that ignores Sanders’ continued popularity (especially among young voters) could lead to a disastrous complacency that results in yet another mid-term catastrophe in 2018.

My instincts tell me that this fall’s results will produce a Republican party that openly embraces Hispanic and Latino voters (immigration reform becoming a major component of the party platform), along with a notable increase in Libertarian and Green party membership, especially among the young, as dissatisfaction with both major parties increases. The Democrats will probably have reason to party come November, but the hangover they experience when the party ends will be long and painful.


One thought on “Why The Status-Quo Of American Politics Has Come Under Siege

  1. We are in full election mode here with two months of absolute mind games just beginning. If you ever have a chance have a look at what we are facing. It seems the ‘rot'( to voice it quietly) has set in everywhere. The ones with integrity seem to be hammered into the ground by ???????. From my perspective powerful lobby groups pushing buttons that are anything but for the common good. I await the results your end with great interest.

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