Another Milestone Reached

Finished the first draft of Chapter 7 yesterday. Last November’s NaNoWriMo experience once again proved invaluable, as it demonstrated how to set and meet a challenging yet manageable goal for the draft. Started with a setting and a very rough outline, and along the way added scenes that had never crossed my mind when I began — and while I certainly had no idea it would end as it did, when the idea came to me I knew it was right. Draft weighs in at 20,774 words, definitely lighter than most of my chapter drafts (Chapter 5 is about 100k words — that will be a bear to cut down to size!), but it still feels complete.

Having reached this latest milestone puts me closer to being prepared for NaNoWriMo 2016. The goal this coming November will be to revise chapters 5 through 7 (January through March), all within those 30 days. Even with 12  days off from work, it’s going to be a challenge to — if each chapter will be 20-25k words, that’s a daily average of 2000 to 2500 words, about 4-5 hours of work given last November’s experience. And that assumes I have a complete, revised outline for each chapter, as well as a plan to cut the loose baggy monster of Chapter 5 down to size, by November 1.

Yikes! Rut-roh, Raggie.

Was less successful this prior month in reaching my secondary goal for CampNaNoWriMo, writing about other topics two days a week. Instead of a 5/2 schedule, I produced at a 6/1 pace, and by the end it was 7/0. Definitely feel that I’ve become a better blogging citizen in the past year, but there’s still work to be done.

Not sure if I’ll return to the novel prior to November. Perhaps I’ll work on a scene or two from the fifth or sixth chapter, in preparation for the major revision project. Maybe some more character sketches, not directly related to the novel but important for its development. But it’s far more likely I’ll pursue other projects during this time. I’ll say it again — one of the joys of blogging is the committment to experimentation, and I’m eager to continue reveling in that dedication going forward.


2 thoughts on “Another Milestone Reached

  1. I’m so pleased you reached your goal. Congratulations. I would like to know how you go now as you go through and edit and refine. That is always the biggest job. I’m struggling to goal with my sequel to Marranga-Limga. The Legacy has such complexity as it covers a family through two world wars. Sometimes I doubt I will ever succeed. You efforts here are inspirational. Thanks.

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