Back to “Gray Metal Faces”

Later today, I’m resuming my work on my novel, Gray Metal Faces, by drafting mostly new material for the seventh chapter, which will be set in March. It’s been almost a year since my drafting work ended for chapter 6, and while I enjoyed the labor of revising the first four chapters at the end of last year, I’m looking forward to advancing my narrative further.

As usual, I’m starting with only a rough outline and a vague notion of what I’m trying to accomplish in this chapter. Drafting is an exploration, an investigation; if I come out of this with more questions that need to be addressed in a revision than I do with answers settled in the draft, I’ll consider this activity successful.

But I will be changing the pace of my drafts somewhat. In the past, I’ve started a chapter draft or revision and stuck with it, every day, until I was finished; it’s a good discipline, but this approach takes time and energy away from other blogging activity, such as reading and commenting. My goal this time is what I call a 5/2 schedule — five days of Chapter 7 drafts, and two days of other activity. (And of course I’m writing every day, since not writing for me is like not brushing my teeth — I’m not going to fall apart if I miss a day, but I’m not going to feel good about myself.) That schedule should help me avoid that uncomfortable solipsistic feeling that comes with focusing exclusively on my own work.

Well then — enough with the metadiscourse. Time to return to Bark Bay, and see where my team of high school fencers leads me to next.

3 thoughts on “Back to “Gray Metal Faces”

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  2. Ok. I will need to ‘catch up’ to get the flow but see how I go. I must I simply must settle to write what research has given me, the unfolding chapters of my sequel to Marranga-Limga. I must like you have a discipline somehow worked around all the ‘other’ things I need to do. For me perhaps there is a day to work exclusively on progressing writing. Cheers. I will begin reading your early chapters today.

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