Commenting Boot Camp, Day 4

The Commenting Boot Camp assignment for today is to attempt respectful disagreement, which I interpret as commenting in a way that engages rather than enrages (I know I used that same line a couple-few days ago, but I rather fancy it, thank you very much). Took the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone, and came across an artile on David F. Watson’s blog about a Christian response to The Fraud — simply can’t bear to use his name, but it should be clear of whom I refer. I detected a tone of cynicism that I didn’t think the author intended, and posted my observation in a comment. Curious to see if this is the start of a conversation.


One thought on “Commenting Boot Camp, Day 4

  1. Thanks for blog and for link. Wow! bit sorry I looked now. It kept dropping out so not sure if my comments recorded. I am passionate and I guess with age behind me seeing what is deterioating in the world through different eyes.

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