Commenting Boot Camp, Day 2

The second Commenting Boot Camp assignment is to include a personal story in a comment. This opportunity led me to find an interesting analysis of fantasy literature types from Steven Atwood, and I’ve posted a comment on how those types could apply to Gray Metal Faces.

In order to show the imaginative power of my fencing team members (fencers are the most creative people I’ve ever met), I’ve included some short fantasy sequences, framed as dreams or hallucinations. Rune seeing an image of a Sea Goddess in the northern lights; Annie being visited by the spirit of her ancestor; The Bird dreaming the team enters the world of “Hamlet.” Unfortunately I haven’t been satisfied with most of the fantasies I’ve drafted so far; perhaps thinking in terms of the categories Steven identified will be of help as I revise those sequences.

Today’s assignment also came with a link to a very useful article on commenting etiquette.


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