Fighting for Her Brother’s Freedom

Mark Aldrich, The Gad About Town, frequently uses his blog to highlight human rights abuses across the globe, such as the case of  Hussein Abu Al-Khair, a Jordanian man currently facing a death sentence in Saudia Arabia over what appears to be fabricated charges. Mark’s columns are well researched and informative, and are written with a tone of controlled urgency that engages rather than enrages.

His blog also features a Today in History column that, rather than a nostalgic indulgence, demonstrates his fondness for trivia, a distinctive trait of an active, curious mind. The occassional short story or poem can also be discovered on this delightful blog.


2 thoughts on “Fighting for Her Brother’s Freedom

  1. Thank you for this post. Hussein is certainly on the list of persecuted people that the world team I am but a small part of, is aware of. So pleased to know about contacts. That out of Saudi Arabia voices still speak. I wonder if the broadcasts from Haran Ibrihim who is broadcasting out of Saudi and has webcams and dvd’s etc has reached Hussein.

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