Percentages Of Knowing Stuff

Just signed up to participate in next week’s Commenting Bootcamp from The Daily Post. Posting intelligent comments is an important part of the development plan for my blogging career, and I expect to learn a few valuable lessons next week. I also expect to review some content I already know, which has inspired me to create the following guide to the Percentages of Knowing Stuff. This information is based on decades of both formal and informal learning experience, and while it is supported by absolutely zero scientific or statistical evidence, I insist on its accuracy, especially the percentages:

  • Category 1: stuff I already know, and really don’t need to hear again (approximately 8.65% of total course content)
  • Category 2: stuff I already know, but need to keep hearing until I actually start doing it (approximately 22.18%); assuming I’m actually paying attention this time, this knowledge will be migrated to Category 1 
  • Category 3: stuff I already know, but didn’t know that I already knew it (approximately 46.93%); this knowledge will certainly be migrated straight to Category 1
  • Category 4: stuff I don’t know, and wish I’d known sooner  (approximately 10.30%); this knowledge will also be immediately migrated to Category 1
  • Category 5: stuff I don’t know, but won’t think is important until several months later, when I may or may not remember it (approximately 11.94%); this knowledge will be immediately migrated to Category 2

One thought on “Percentages Of Knowing Stuff

  1. I like this run down of percentages. I’m a firm believer that we need to continually learn and grow. its only in the gathering of information that we develop as a person. In my list of percentages I probably would be low in some categories because I have come to a place in life where I need to develop in ‘specific’ areas and some info is simply too vast to incorporate. Cheers!

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