Honest Brevity

Received an interesting comment from Elizabth Seckman on yesterday’s IWSG post, which included an observation that some of my shorter posts, often dashed off with little revision, have generated surprisingly positive responses:

As for those beloved quick posts- I’ve had the same sort of response. Do you think it could have something to do with quicker posts being more honest? I have less time to sensor myself when I write and post quickly.

Am I guilty of overthinking my prose at times? Can I grow enamored with my rhetorical ability? In the act of embelishment, do I lose track of my inspiration? Yuppers, yessirree, ayuh — and I have a feeling I’m not the only writer who stumbles over their own intellect.

Perhaps I can find inspiration in the short, powerful poetry of Sarah Doughty, collected on her blog Heartstring Eulogies. Her epigrams are usually no more than a few lines, and are completely void of pretense; her words have little complexity, but convey deep meaning. “Stay” is a good example:

Tell me what
makes you stay,
when I give you
every reason to leave.

Shakespeare was at his ironic best when his chatterbox Polonius pronounced that brevity is the soul of wit — but it might be the badge of integrity.


2 thoughts on “Honest Brevity

  1. Not as profound a comment as Shakespeares but the K.I.S.S. principle often works well for me both in my writing and my living. The Gifts of writing and talking often can cause us to ‘overflow’ when simplicity is the key. Keep It Simple Stupid! KISS may be very basic but it surely works in most aspects of life……..Since I gave us trying to write a profound and artistic and Classic and educated ++ and simply wrote…..stories…feedback now is usually ‘the simple, beauty of your stories touches a chord in my life and heart. Beyond the Ashes and Marranga-Limga both are not academically brilliant and would not be classified as Literally successful but I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the feedback ……….I’ll surely never make money I prefer to ‘give away’ but even Amazon appreciates the simplicity of my writing. Horses for courses…….find your own unique voice and write it….not a pattern of any one else who has ever lived. Cheers!

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