Accomplished my primary goal for “The Land Without Mosquitos,” a complete revision of the story (originally titled “Summers”) I had drafted several years ago. Also completed exactly on the schedule I set for myself, and reduced the word count by over a third (Henry James would be proud). Setting goals and deadlines for my blogging projects works well — keeps me focused, prevents meandering.

One thing I haven’t enjoyed about this last month and a half — relapsing into the bad habit of focusing solely on my own writing. Didn’t make an effort to read, comment on, or even visit other blogs. Worst thing a blogger can do is ignore the inherently social aspect of this craft; still trying to find that balance between self-expression and engagement.

As my fencing coach would say, “Show me the correction, not the apology.”  I’m taking a break from fiction, of an unknown duration. Time to visit some other blogging worlds, search for new and interesting ideas, send out homing beacons for work that’s worthy of wider attention. There will be a time when I return to my novel, “Gray Metal Faces,” and begin drafting Chapter 7 (March); may that return come after a successful voyage. 


One thought on “Correction

  1. Oh! I absolutely agree. The blogging journey for me has opened up my eyes to appreciate my passion for my fiction world but also the connectivity of touching the lives and creativity of others and finding them as ‘real people’ in the process. Enjoyed the journey with your daily goaling …The Land Without Mosquitos. (certainly different to my writing) BUT the unfolding inspiring.!

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