Choices of Words – TLWM 10E

“Thank you, everyone, for being here.” Dr. Patel waved an open palm in Jane’s direction. “For being here for Jane, that is. I’ve had the pleasure with speaking with every one of you this past week, to discuss Jane’s — I believe the word she prefers to use is, condition — ”

“Works for me.”

“Good, good. And what I’ve learned from my conversations with you has confirmed my — I know you don’t like this word, Jane, but it must be said — my diagnosis. For your condition.”

Dr. Patel walked into the middle of the circle, hands behind his back, his eyes glancing down as if looking for a loose floorboard. “But, if you’ll indulge me a moment — I think it’s important to provide a context for my diagnosis. A context that will explain my conclusion. And the best way to provide that context, is to review the history of this — ” he looked directly at Jane — “and I know you won’t like this word either — let’s review the history of this case.”

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