Memories of World Changers – TLWM 9D

“Because — ” Gary’s face beamed defiance — “because it’s not real, Jane. All this stuff you keep talking about — ” his arms now waving about his head like he was desperately trying to catch the attention of a low-flying plane — “this science fiction transit system — ”

“Unirail.” Jane sank back into her chair, looked up at the ceiling. “It’s changed the world — at least, the world I remember. Other cities, countries, they call it something else, but it really is all the same thing.”

“A power grid?” Gary pointed down at the conference table. “Under the streets?”

Jane shook her head. “Not many people know how it works, they just use it. The pods, they’re all over the place, take you wherever you want to go. And for travelling between cities, there’s this whole network of buses, trains — go from Chicago to I don’t know, Detroit — then you catch the Unirail  there. And planes — I don’t know how to explain it, they’re faster and don’t cost anything like they do here.” She looked back across the table at Gary. “What I don’t understand — ”

The conference room door opened, a tall man stepping inside. “GaRY — ” a right arm shooting out from Briggs’ beaming face, grasping Gary’s as his smile turned to the left — “and JANE, so good to see you again!”


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