Decisions – TLWM 9C

“Partner?” The corners of Gary’s lips curled back across his face. “Who said anything about making me a partner?”

“My father.” Jane Summers laid her right arm on top of the large table, began drumming her fingernails, ka-click. “Just about every time the two of you talked, he’d tell you if Crasob hadn’t made you by now, they weren’t ever going to do it.” ka-click, ka-click. “He was always warning you about getting too comfortable — ”

“And there’s a problem with being comfortable?” Gary leaned back, spread his arms to his sides, palms facing Jane. Across the table, Jane closed her eyes, shook her head — “You know how much that argument drove him crazy.”

“I’m sorry, Jane, this isn’t about your father.” The fifty-two-year-old lead engineer at Crasob Engineering wore a look of remorseful determination on his face. “It’s about making decisions, about what you want out of life. I’ve made my decisions, Jane — ”

“So have I.” Her hand raised, brushed hair from her forehead. “About where I live, work — ” the hand waved in the general direction of the building’s front door — “what the world should be like.”

Gary cleared his throat. “I was — actually hoping that didn’t come up today.”

“What?” Jane Summers raised her palms up, shoulders shrugging. “My condition, as Dr. Patel likes to say? Why shouldn’t it come up?”


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