Opportunities – TLWM 9B

“Briggs.” Jane Summers flinched her head back and to the left, fingernails on both hands drumming on her chair’s armrests. Briggs knew her father. Gary, as well. If you were a civil engineer in Illinois, you knew Jane’s father.

“But you’re right about one thing.” Gary waited for Jane to turn her attention back to him. “It’s a big project. Well not in scale, but for us — the company — ” a fat arm waving in the direction of the conference room door — “it’s huge. IDOT’s got tons of money coming in from the feds, and if we win the bid on Route 20, there’s more work coming our way.”

“Cool.” Jane shifted in her chair.

“Very cool. Think of the opportunities, Jane — we’ll hire more engineers, a few more surveyors, couple more CAD people — ”

“They finally gonna make you a partner?” She crossed her arms across her jacketed chest.


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