The Land Without Mosquitos

Later today, I’ll begin another lengthy writing project, a revision of “Summers,” a short(ish) story I drafted on this blog a couple years back. As happened during the revisions of my novel at the end of last year, these posts will be longer than usual; my goal is to average 500 words a day through the end of February, with a target of 20 – 25K words at the end (current draft is close to 37k words; some decisions will have to be made).

Of all the side projects I’ve pursued on this blog, “Summers” was the most successful, in my estimation. For this revision, I’m changing the title to “The Land Without Mosquitos,” and my plan is to finish with a product I can market with confidence. Yuppers, I’m starting to expand my writing goals beyond the confines of this blog; time to start getting recognized, make this craft pay. Ambitious goals, for sure — but I plan to have a lot of fun pursuing them.

And with that said, later today an alarm will go off in the bedroom of Jane Summers . . .


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