What I Love about Writing a Blog…

Read a blog post by lillypup today, celebrating the experimental nature of blog writing:

I feel free to do anything grammar and mechanics wise. I continually start sentences with prepositions. No one cares. My text can be set sideways. No one cares.

Know what she means. Can do pretty much what you want on a blog. An entire post composed of sentences with implied subjects? Sure.

Notice I almost never use the word said (or any synonyms such as uttered, declared, shouted etc.)? Don’t like said, word doesn’t have much meaning, linguistic deadwood. Don’t read Shakespeare for the stage directions. Can replace the word with character tag phrases (like my friend for Coach Dan), or distinctive diction.

Give you an example, something Coach Dan might say during fencing practice. Could write it like this:

“You’re point’s too low,” Coach Dan said, grabbing the foil’s blade and pulling its tip towards his chest. “You need to aim higher, my friend.”

Works. But, could also write it like this:

“You’re point’s too low, my friend.” Coach Dan grabbed the foil’s blade and pulled its tip towards his chest. “You need to aim higher.” 

Cut the deadwood, go right from Coach Dan’s first statement to his actions. More dramatic, if you ask me.

All kinds of tricks for not using said and its synonyms:

“You going to the Pizza Place tonight?” asked Butch.

“I don’t know,” Rune said. 

Not so hard to fix:

Butch poined with his thumb past his shoulder, towards the school’s exit doors. “You going to the Pizza Place tonight?”

Rune shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Not always easy. But has its rewards.

Problem with experimental writing? Gets annoying, use it too much. Think we’re there now. Won’t do this, anymore.


One thought on “What I Love about Writing a Blog…

  1. No don’t stop …this is good. Too many writing workshops etc etc have the ‘teaching’ and folks who major on the How to write etc etc. Your blog and freedom in all your blogging gives us who follow the opportunity to also tell it how it is. ( I limit my blog because I have chosen my voice as a short blog). I follow yours with joy because it is honesty and free-ranging. I agree absolutely about the saids. Nothing slows down dialogue faster but it does take discipline and editing to cut em all out when we can. Thank you.

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