magaga writes again

Every once in a while, a blog appears in my WordPress Reader that draws me in. Last week I was pleased to stumble across Cheryl Moore’s Unbound Boxes Limping Gods; today’s find is Nicholas Magaga Msowoya’s magaga writes again.

magaga (I’ll use his blog name as my reference) is a Malawian journalist and creative writer, and he uses his blog to report and comment on Malawi culture, and post his short stories. Both his fiction and non-fiction can be stark at times, as magaga is not shy about discussing the less seemly details of life in his country. His essay on motherhood is both a celebration of maternal love (“the lifeblood that runs through the veins of society” — perhaps a reference to Michelle Obama’s “the blood of Africa runs through my veins”) and a condemnation of the lack of such love he finds around him. Sala’s Salary is a story that begins with a startling threat, and continues with a taught narrative that allows you to feel the desperation of a man with a good but overburdened heart.

Reading magaga’s blog challenges me to push the boundaries of passion and honesty in my own work. Those are risky goals to pursue, but I’m intrigued by their potential rewards.

One thought on “magaga writes again

  1. I’ll check out this Malawi journalist’s blog. I’ve found my own voice and write in that space but constantly being informed of different perspectives struggles etc keeps us ever challenged. Finding one’s own voice is a great place to be…….taken me fifty years to be confident in it but this should never mean not being fully aware of what others are feeling, doing, achieving and particularly writing

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