Shame On

Kenton Lewis just posted a neat little yarn about a clever lad who turns the tables on a co-worker’s attempted practical joke.

Kendrik could only laugh at his super’s order. Tube steak sandwich? “Yeah, it ain’t on the menu no more, but they still make it, you just gotta ask. And tell ’em I want extra sauce, too?” The intern nodded a smile in response, then laughed again — not at the ridiculous sandwich moniker, but rather at how poorly his super had framed the practical joke that Kendrik was expected to fall for.

Haven already recorded the rest of the staff’s orders on his phone and the necessary cash, Kendrik burst into the stairwell (third floor office, no thank you for the elevator) and descended the stairs, his response to his super’s joke at the forefront of his thoughts. Neither of the two obvious choices — either a dismissive get out of town that could give the impression he wasn’t a team player, or a disingenuous  aw shucks man you done got me good that would belie the coolly confident persona he was so eager to project — seemed acceptable to him. Shame on you, or shame on me? Fortunately, by the time he had entered the deli, an acceptable alternative came to him.

Kendrik pulled out his phone, selected his super’s number, typed — Sorry boss, they’re out of tube steaks today. But they’re running a special on weiner dogs. You want cheese on yours?


One thought on “Shame On

  1. Great little story. Is it possible there is a tube steak? Here in oz we do have long very thin bread rolls and steak can be thinly sliced and put inside. Not called tube but (obviously and not creatively) steak rolls. Thanks for story.

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