Fencing in 2015

Made some progress in my fencing career last year, just not in the way I expected at the start of 2015.

Competed in tournaments in both of the first two months, and while the results weren’t much better, I could feel my judgement and execution improving. In the February tournament, I won two pool bouts and entered the DEs with an indicator that wasn’t in the negative double-digits, both firsts for me (yeah, I know those aren’t great accomplishments, but when you’re working your way up from the bottom you take whatever you can get). At the beginning of March, I was looking forward to competing in a few more tournaments in the spring, continuing to train over the summer, and finishing strong in fall tournaments.

Then life got in the way. A death in the family changed my priorities immediately, and an injury from a nasty fall during practice one evening (front heel slipped under me during a lunge, and my front leg didn’t stop until my body collapsed into a full split; no, I don’t have the flexibility for that) put an end to any thought of competing during the spring. By the time I returned to my club over the summer, any momentum I had gathered at the start of the year had completely dissipated. While I did get into two more tournaments in 2015, I never regained the enthusiasm for competition I’d felt earlier in the year.

However, I did make progress with my refereeing. Officiated in a few tournaments in the spring, and felt confident enough in my skills to apply for certification. Experienced more trouble than expected — completely froze up during the bouts where I was observed, and wasn’t able to pass all of my exams (may have to write another time about those exams) — but I feel that I can make a positive contribution to the sport by serving as a referee.

This time last year, I wrote that I didn’t want to set any fencing goals for 2015, only expecting to be surprised at the end of the year. I’m certainly surprised, as I no doubt will be again this time next year when I look back.


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